Friday, August 28, 2009


Bless you, Thomas, you righteous Gentile you. Jews Do It was suffering for some time--we were promised new treatments from a number of designers out there but they have all let us down.
Such is life. We take a bump on the chin and eat it for breakfast in a bowl of fiber.

But me and TG were chatting via the Instant Messenger and I told him of our woes. Lo and behold, he came through big time. At first, he asked me if I had a specific idea in mind for the next shoe.
A Hassid shoe, I suggested?
What's that, he asked?

Oh, boy. Thomas wasn't joking when he said he knew nothing about Judaism.
So I says, Thomas, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year is coming up soon.
Go on, he says. Intrigued.
And we have this tradition of dipping an apple into honey to symbolize a sweet year.
I can do that, he says.

And bam. He has done just that. Thank you, Thomas, for not letting Jews Do It readers worldwide down. Can we anoint you an honorary Heeb for the contribution you've made? Do one more and we'll talk.

Incidentally, very mentally unstable props for designing the Air Max 97 as opposed to a cliche Dunk of some sort. When Thomas steps out of the comfort zone, we achieve brilliance. Love it. Onwards.

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