Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thomas dropped these incredible custom designed kicks into my in-box on Friday completely unsolicited and unprompted. It's that sort of awesomeness I look forward to from all my designer friends out there (hint, hint).

So let's get to the shoes. Real fans know that Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons is the only Jewish citizen of Springfield, and for authenticity's sake, his dad Rabbi Krustofski (as revealed on the "Like Father, Like Clown" episode) was voiced by stereotypical Jewmedian Jackie Mason. [In fact, for years, there's a Rabbi Krustofski collectible rumored to be out there in limited numbers and I've been looking for it high-and-low. See below]

Thomas being the serious Gentile that he is doesn't know a whole lot about Judaism, and so he wrote in his email, "when i think Jewish i think Krusty." He matched a pair of Air Force 1s Low as expertly as possible--I'm pretty sure that if these were actually made they'd fly off the shelves along with Homer Dunks and Marge Simpson SB Highs. I think it goes without saying that this pair is pretty brilliant. And bonus points to him for thinking way out of the box here.

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