Friday, August 28, 2009


Bless you, Thomas, you righteous Gentile you. Jews Do It was suffering for some time--we were promised new treatments from a number of designers out there but they have all let us down.
Such is life. We take a bump on the chin and eat it for breakfast in a bowl of fiber.

But me and TG were chatting via the Instant Messenger and I told him of our woes. Lo and behold, he came through big time. At first, he asked me if I had a specific idea in mind for the next shoe.
A Hassid shoe, I suggested?
What's that, he asked?

Oh, boy. Thomas wasn't joking when he said he knew nothing about Judaism.
So I says, Thomas, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year is coming up soon.
Go on, he says. Intrigued.
And we have this tradition of dipping an apple into honey to symbolize a sweet year.
I can do that, he says.

And bam. He has done just that. Thank you, Thomas, for not letting Jews Do It readers worldwide down. Can we anoint you an honorary Heeb for the contribution you've made? Do one more and we'll talk.

Incidentally, very mentally unstable props for designing the Air Max 97 as opposed to a cliche Dunk of some sort. When Thomas steps out of the comfort zone, we achieve brilliance. Love it. Onwards.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's been awhile since we posted to Jews Do It but we have much to look forward to. Guest designers Jonathan Belsky, Danny Adrian and Albert Ocampo are all respectively and diligently working on a fresh idea for this here chief "homey" at JDI. Can't wait to see them. We are, as the kids say, "stoked."

In the meantime, Isaac sent us this link a few weeks back and we forgot to post it. Ian over at Ian's Shoelace Site (yes, this is real) recommends a new method for lacing your shoes known as Hexagram Lacing, or as Ian points out, this can "also [be] referred to as "Star of David Lacing." Whoa. We didn't see this trend coming.

This is the sort of thing you can only pull off in Israel, or Borough Park.
Places not to do this: Germany, Iraq, Iran, the South.

But hypothetically, let's say you stumbled in one of the two aforementioned Jew-friendly places in which the Star of David lacing is a shoe trend just waiting--begging!--to happen, how do you do this?
Trick question! You don't, silly.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thomas dropped these incredible custom designed kicks into my in-box on Friday completely unsolicited and unprompted. It's that sort of awesomeness I look forward to from all my designer friends out there (hint, hint).

So let's get to the shoes. Real fans know that Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons is the only Jewish citizen of Springfield, and for authenticity's sake, his dad Rabbi Krustofski (as revealed on the "Like Father, Like Clown" episode) was voiced by stereotypical Jewmedian Jackie Mason. [In fact, for years, there's a Rabbi Krustofski collectible rumored to be out there in limited numbers and I've been looking for it high-and-low. See below]

Thomas being the serious Gentile that he is doesn't know a whole lot about Judaism, and so he wrote in his email, "when i think Jewish i think Krusty." He matched a pair of Air Force 1s Low as expertly as possible--I'm pretty sure that if these were actually made they'd fly off the shelves along with Homer Dunks and Marge Simpson SB Highs. I think it goes without saying that this pair is pretty brilliant. And bonus points to him for thinking way out of the box here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's been a super long time since I posted up on the Jews Do It, so I felt responsible to throw up a pic here to placate all you fans. Now, granted this one wasn't exactly belabored upon (it is after all the Dinosaur Jr. Dunk Hi with a slight modification). Nevertheless, here is the Dino character holding a candle lighting the Chanukah menorah. Spot the yarmulka on his head--my apologies to J. Mascis, but after all, this is a religious affair.