Thursday, February 11, 2010


JEWS DO IT has to apologize for not posting a Jewish-themed pair of sneakers in over six months. But here's the thing. JEWS DO IT needs designers like bad. We can easily sit and make our own special Jewish Nike kicks but to be honest, we're not that good at the Photoshops and the Illustrators and the Whatevers designers use to make awesome Jewish-themed Nike sneakers.

And so, we're out there being vocal using our vocal chords to let you know that we need contributions. We have the ideas. Do you have the tools? Do you have an art program on your computer and an itchy mouse finger? Click your way to JEWS DO IT fame and get in touch today! We want yr kicks ASAP.

Otherwise, we're going to have to recruit. That means getting on the Twitter and the Facebook and asking you all to get involved. And not like one dude said, hey, I'll make you a pair of Neil Diamond kicks and never did. And not like, hey, I'll make you a Passover package with kicks, t-shirt, and a matching bag, but never did. I'm talking real people, real talk, real commitment.

Hit up the JEW DOER himself at

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