Thursday, November 20, 2008


Another collaboration with my bud John C. Today, we sat down and cracked hard on this pair of special edition Manishewitz Air Force 1's. We worked on the color scheme for a while trying to find the perfect combination that truly represented the wine manufacturer's logo--we think it came up solid. The purples and gold/yellow were both inspired by the logo (see inset), but its the silver that you're probably scratching your head over...

That silver colorway symbolizes the Kiddush cup, or the silver cup we use on the Sabbath to make the blessing, or the "Kiddush," over. While I'm certain that you're familiar with silver goblets, here's one example just to illustrate the point:

And I gotta say, that bunch of grapes emboss by the heel gives this shoe the perfect balance. Like the Manischewitz Concord Wine, these shoes are sickeningly sweet!

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