Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I haven't posted in awhile because these kicks took forever and a day to design. The good news is that I'm getting much better at this Photoshop thing all thanks to my skillz master John Cornette. Thanks, bud.

You're looking at the much belabored-upon Torah kicks designed and inspired by the Torah scrolls as seen in synagogues. See pic below:

See the velvet covers draped over the scrolls as they sit in the ark? That's where I got that velvet material idea to adorn the whole shoe--looks pretty dope, eh? But here's where we get intricate. The wood-colored laces and sole are inspired by the wooden handles at both the top and the bottom of the Torah (these allow us to roll to the appropriate portion or segment of the Bible).

And considering I borrowed the concept for these shoes from the Nike Terminator Metal edition, I converted the hanging guitar pic that comes with the original shoe into a silver breastplate (see some of them hanging on the Torahs above). This particular one that I designed represents the 12 Tribes of Judah (count the twelve unique stones) which feels a little intricate and detailed, but, hey, better to roll deep than not at all.

And finally, remember that Tanach font I found the other day...? I used the Hebrew-looking font and placed a gold "Nike" on the heel, kind of like the velvet Torah dresses have sponsors embroidered on the Torah. Leave no detail behind.


miryam said...

These puppies make me want to run to do mitzvos!

Arye said...

Perfect! First pair sold?