Saturday, September 20, 2008


For all the uninformed out there, Jews tend to wear four types of kippahs (also known as yarmulkahs, or skullcaps). Each Jew wears the kippah of choice in accordance to his philosophical beliefs, or the community that he associates with.
For example, the more religious men tend to wear kippahs made from velvet like this:

Figure 1: The Velvet Kippah

The Modern Orthodox Jew wears a knitted black kippah or a suede one, like these:

Figure 2: Knitted Kippah

Figure 3: Suede Kippah, with textured pattern

Reform Jews or Sephardic tend to wear the silk kippah. This is also the commonly used as the kippah that shuls hand out to guests who come unprepared with one of their own.

Figure 4: The Silk Kippah

The Dunk Hi SB above was based on those four materials. The lighter gray in the back is made from a velvet, the mid-section features a suede with a floral design pattern (some suede kippahs feature imbedded designs) while the front is a crochet black knit. The highlight of this shoe is the silk swoosh--I don't think Nike has ever incorporated silk into its shoe design so this concept would be a first.

Head's up, peeps. These shoes will have you covered.


Ami Plasse said...

i think you need to add your name written in orange lettering with a little knicks logo on them...

Arye said...

Ha! What up, dawg? I will do so on a later pair.

Lis said...

Cool Shoes!

Jasper @ Best Kippah

Mark Dean said...

Came across your blog while looking for a kippah. About two years ago I bought a black velvet yarmie in Mea Shearim. I'm reform, but bought it while on a trip with some good friends. Apart from the good memories it gave me and that it stays on your head, I loved the traditional and almost stylish minimalist look of it. I recently lost it somehow and decided to replace it. Not wanting a fruitbowl on my head, or to look ultra-orthodox, I might opt for the modern orthodox black knitted one.

PS: B'hatzlacha with your shoe campaign. Decent non-leather shoes would come in handy at shul.

Warm greetings from Cape Town, South Africa

Abdul Bari Chanessra said...

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